Geoff Perrett Award

The Geoff Perrett Rising Star Award, jointly sponsored by the Perrett family of Leongatha and Leongatha Lyric Theatre, was created at the instigation of the Perrett family following the accidental death of Geoff, who had been a valued cast member and committee member of the group.

Members of the Leongatha Lyric Theatre committee select the winner of the award each year, which is open to members of Leongatha Lyric Theatre who are under the age of 21, and who have shown commitment and potential during the past 12 months.

Award winners

2019 Will McCarthy
2018 Ashleigh Geary
2017 Olivia Winchcombe
2016 Jackson Patterson
2015 Janie Gordon
2014 Phoebe Epifano
2013 Adam Kennedy
2012 Kate Ball
2011 Libby Panther
2010 Michael Dixon
2009 Tamika Ball
2008 Jaymes Wiggins
2007 Jemima Eva
2006 Rose Wray-McCann
2005 Nathan Eva
2004 Rory Godbold
2003 Matthew Saario
2002 Matthew Sauvarin
2001 Maree Hemming and Ben Powney
2000 Helen Andrews
1999 Russell Hemming
1998 Miranda Borman
1997 Chelsea Foon
1996 Tanya Johnston
1995 Sarah Borman